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2005 Family Photos  and  Our 2005 Christmas Letter

2004 Family Photos  and  Our 2004 Christmas Letter

Walter & Viola Thorp's 75th Anniversary Party, November 11, 2004

2003 Family Photos 

Thorp Family Reunion in June 2003, for Bob & Joan's 50th Anniversary
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John's trip to Rome in May 2003

Family Photos from 2000

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I also do several web pages for various groups, if you'd like to visit them.
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Hiroshima Anniversary Exhibit

Pax Christi Tulsa

Madonna House

Oklahoma Catholics for Life
for progressive Catholics of Eastern Oklahoma

Tulsa Audubon Society

Oxley Nature Center

Tulsa Cursillo Movement

Sharon's Business

Pleasurable Ponds
My brother-in-law's business

Cub Scout Pack 903 (I'm still reworking this one)




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