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Christmas Letter From The Kenningtons

December 2005


Merry Christmas (or more appropriately Happy New Year, since youíll get this after Christmas!) from Bixby!  Its been a very busy year. Joey graduated from Tulsa Community College this past summer, and then transferred to Oral Roberts University, where he received a scholarship to play soccer. He was a starter except for a few weeks while he nursed an injured leg. The team made it to the Conference Tournament, but they lost after double overtime and penalty kicks. The highlight of his year was scoring the winning goal during a game in Memphis with about 5 seconds left in the second overtime. He is also again playing for the Tulsa Roughnecks, the local semi-pro team, (but still not getting paid, to keep his college eligibility.) He also continues to coach several youth teams and is that clubís Director of Player Development.

Tommy has settled in at the University of Oklahoma in Norman (about 2 Ĺ hours from Tulsa.) He lucked out and got a single room, so he missed out on the joys of a roommate! As he planned, heís majoring in engineering-physics, and has enjoyed most of his classes, especially calculus for engineers! Itís been quiet around the house this Fall, with Tommy gone and Joey out most of the time, but its nice having everyone home for Christmas.

Sharon remains busy as a massage therapist with a devoted clientele. Iím still at EDS, but they have just outsourced 4 of the 7 people in my area to Brazil. Fortunately (I think!) Iím one of the ones left behind, but the number of systems Iím responsible for has at least tripled. All of the outsourced folks have found other work within EDS, so there were no layoffs, for now. Iím still Cubmaster, president of Tulsa Audubon, and maintain several websites.

Iíve gotten involved with our local Pax Christi group, the Catholic peace movement. The project that has taken much of our time this year has been an exhibit I organized commemorating the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. We made it portable, and have been taking it to parishes, colleges, and schools. When not on display it resides in the back of my truck.

We still have our Rat Terrier Munchy, but we lost Scorpion, our Black Lab, to old age. We did not have time this year to do any traveling, except for a quick trip to NJ in November for a few days.

We hope you have a Blessed Christmas season! Our email is  If you really want to see more photos, go to



John, Sharon, Joey & Tommy Kennington

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