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Christmas Letter From The Kenningtons

December 2004

Merry Christmas from Bixby!  The news from here is the same as last year Ė everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Sharon stays busy as a massage therapist, and business is still good. Iím still doing the same work at EDS. But weíll be loosing several key people early next year to early retirements, so it will be a challenging year. Iím still a Cubmaster and involved with the Tulsa Audubon Society. Sharon traveled to Connecticut recently for her grandparentís 75th anniversary, which was a gathering of the entire family. We also took quick trips to New Jersey and San Diego.

Joey is still attending Tulsa Community College (TCC) and will be transferring after getting his Associates Degree, and he already has one athletic scholarship offer.  Heís been playing in a menís soccer league this Fall, and this month began playing for the Tulsa Roughnecks, the local semi-pro team! But heís not getting paid, in order to stay eligible for college soccer. Tommy is a senior and has already been accepted to the University of Oklahoma, which is in Norman, just south of Oklahoma City. Heís still planning to major in engineering-physics. Heís also again taking concurrent classes at TCC, and will be taking a full time college schedule in the spring, along with 2 regular high school classes (but he says he can handle it, since calculus is so ďeasyĒ!)

We hope you have a Blessed Christmas season! Our email is  If you really want to see more photos, go to


Love,   John, Sharon, Joey & Tommy Kennington


Joey & Munchy

Enjoying a boat ride in San Diego

Tommy relaxing at his desk

Tommy & Munchy

Scorpion has a rough life

Joey playing his favorite game

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