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Washington Irving Park, Bixby
Tulsa County

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From the 1986 edition of A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma published by the Tulsa Audubon Society. This account was updated in 2007.

This park is located in Bixby on the west side of US 64 (Memorial Drive), just north of the Arkansas River Bridge at 131 St. S. It is on the north bank of the river with an expanse of sand when water is low.

The park consists mainly of medium to large deciduous trees covering a well-mowed picnic area. Yellow-throated Warblers are especially easy to find in the picnic area near the parking lot. Look for woodpeckers, nuthatches, Carolina Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Carolina and Bewick's wrens, and Great Crested Flycatchers in this area. Be sure to check the river for herons and egrets in summer, gulls and terns in spring and fall, and for ducks and cormorants in winter. The weedy areas bordering the north and south sides of the park should be investigated for birds which like the denser habitat such as Cardinals, thrushes, and wintering sparrows.

There are two sewage ponds on the west end of the park that attract migrating shorebirds and some ducks. The gates are kept locked but most of the eastern pond may be seen from the fence.

Across the highway from the park is a sod farm where one should look for shorebirds in spring and late summer. Heavy traffic is a problem; use caution when entering or leaving the park, and do not attempt to park on the roadside.


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