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Artist's Statement

I’ve been taking photographs for over 30 years, primarily nature, landscapes and wildlife. Recent trips to Italy have inspired me to also begin photographing ancient architecture and images of faith.

Photography has always been a creative outlet, just for my own enjoyment. But I have recently decided to move to the next level and offer my work as quality fine art prints.

I now use digital equipment for my work, but I don’t feel there is much difference from the old film days – digital is simply the latest advancement in imaging technologies.

I use imaging software to achieve the same results that used to be accomplished in the darkroom, but I never do anything to “create” an image that did not exist in nature. Or, in other words, while I certainly use Photoshop, I never “photoshop” an image.

In my photographs I attempt to capture the scene as I saw it and experienced it, and that will often involve post-processing (i.e. burning, dodging, applying filters, etc.) in my “digital darkroom” just like the old darkroom days, except less messy!

Needless to say, I personally perform all image processing and preparation. I use an external lab for final printing, done under my close supervision. All my images are printed and matted on fully archival quality materials that will last for many years under the proper conditions.