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A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma

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Google Maps Interface


Google Maps currently only displays 100 places at once, so below are two maps, representing pages one and two of birding locations in Oklahoma. You can scroll and zoom these maps directly on this page.


You may also click on the "View Larger Map" links (or click here) to open a new, full size Google Maps page. Once there, a list of the sites will appear at the left of the map. To see all locations, scroll the list to the bottom and click on Page 1 or 2. Note that this list is in no particular order (currently Google Maps does not support rearranging or sorting the list.)


Tip: Click on balloons (or names on left) for a brief description and a link to detailed area account.

Tip: In the upper right corner click the "Sat" ("Satellite") button to add aerial photography to the maps, or "Map" to return to the original street view.

Tip: When clicking on the detailed description link, do a Shift-Click so it opens in a new window. When done just close that window. This is faster since Google Maps will not need to refresh when you go back.


  View Larger Map

  View Larger Map




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