Thank you for your interest. My philosophy on designing your web site is to keep it simple while appealing to to the viewer, capturing their interest. I generally avoid fancy animations or graphics, and keep the navigation simple and consistent, so the viewer can always know where they are.

I can provide whatever level of design you need. I can rehabilitate  an existing web site, develop a new site by working with your existing collateral materials, or help you develop everything from scratch. I can also take care of the details involved in hosting your site and setting up your domain names.

To become familiar with my work, please visit my portfolio of web sites I have developed.

I may be contacted at or by phone at 918-809-6325


Portfolio Of Web Pages Developed By John Kennington

American Wheatley HVAC

Tulsa Audubon Society

Southwood Neighborhood Association

Central Trailer Sales

Oklahoma Ornithological Society

Oklahoma Audubon Council

Oxley Nature Center

The Epiphany Group

Tulsa Cursillo Movement

Rita McCarthy

Mechanical Room Supplies

John Kennington Photography

Pax Christi Tulsa

Pleasurable Ponds

Sharon Kennington - Massage & Wellness Therapy

Cub Scout Pack 903





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